Summer Classics: 6 Sublime Wedding Spots

A Beach Plum Inn wedding makes the most of Martha's Vineyard sunsets.

When you’re inviting people to dig into their savings and possibly upend their vacation plans in order to attend your destination wedding, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a few pockets of resistance. The remedy is to choose a destination that fulfills all the holiday fantasies—remarkable scenery, comfy accommodations, and food worth writing home about. My […] Read more »

Brides in Boots, the West’s Destination Wedding Dress Code

bridal part in cowboy boots

  While some purists don’t approve of brides who pair their gowns with a pair of cowboy boots (“too wide a gap,”  some sniff, “between the formality of the dress, and the informality of the boots”), we beg to differ. Particularly if you’re planning a dude ranch destination wedding, in which case we say, Yee […] Read more »

Rocky Mountain weddings: 5 fabulous resorts

  This time of year thoughts turn to powdery slopes and blazing fireplaces—and if you’re a snow-lover, the idea of a wintry wedding: a fur-trimmed gown, an entrance by horse-drawn sleigh, and an appropriate feast (fondue? venison?) by the light of 1,000 candles. If that sounds sublime (and if your budget is on the generous […] Read more »