Summer Classics: 6 Sublime Wedding Spots

A Beach Plum Inn wedding makes the most of Martha's Vineyard sunsets.

When you’re inviting people to dig into their savings and possibly upend their vacation plans in order to attend your destination wedding, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a few pockets of resistance. The remedy is to choose a destination that fulfills all the holiday fantasies—remarkable scenery, comfy accommodations, and food worth writing home about. My […] Read more »

Santa Fe’s Most Enchanting Destination Wedding Spot

Bride, groom, and bike at Four Seasons Rancho Encantado, just outside Santa Fe

There are so many reasons to have a destination wedding in Santa Fe. The stunning adobe skyline, the pristine high desert air, the galleries, the restaurants, the music—it’s like Disneyland for artsy grownups. The only downside is that, just like Disneyland, it can get mighty crowded. Particularly in summer, when the streets around the main plaza sometimes look […] Read more »

Haunted hotels make for scary good Halloween destination weddings

haunted hotel bed

Halloween weddings have been on the radar for a while now, with vampire officiants, costumed bridal parties, and plenty of cobwebs festooning the dance floor. If you want to take things to a whole new level of gruesome, forget hopping over to Party City for plastic spiders—instead, invite your ghouls guests to a wedding at a […] Read more »

New Year’s Eve weddings: cozy inns that fit the bill

In general, we’re not fans of destination weddings that fall over major holidays—even if you’re not disrupting someone’s family tradition, you’re asking guests to buy airline tickets and hotel rooms at their priciest. But if it’s done right, there’s one exception to the rule: New Year’s Eve. The trick is finding a place most of […] Read more »