Eurobrides vs. US Brides: Wedding Dress Trends on

French wedding gowns from Delphine Manivet

European and American women have some pretty profound style differences. It’s often said that Europeans make investments when they shop for their wardrobes, while Americans look for what’s most current. But does that extend to what a woman wears when she chooses a wedding dress? The recent European bridal fashion shows revealed some intriguing trends. […] Read more »

Destination wedding plans set? How about a destination bachelorette party?

Barcelona fountains

  We call them bachelorettes; the girls across the pond call them Hen Parties. But beyond a name, there are some other major differences between pre-wedding girl gatherings in the States and in Europe. For starters, locations. We may have alcohol-fueled party buses, but they’ve got Barcelona. Or Amsterdam. Or Ibiza. We asked Sabrina Mable […] Read more »

Kelly Clarkson elopement ideas? We’ve got three surprises

Pontoon dinner at Turtle Island, Fiji

The original American Idol has tossed her wedding planner and gone rogue—and our money is on a destination wedding for the singer, her fiance Brandon Blackstock, and his two kids. Here’s what she told “We are so busy that we finally just came to terms the other night and were like, ‘So, we changed […] Read more »

An old castle in Spain becomes a new destination wedding hotel

Entrance to Castell Son Claret, former castle now luxury hotel

When imagining a setting for a destination wedding, what’s more romantic than a castle in Spain? It took us a moment to think of something, too. But if the idea appeals, you’ll be interested in the recent opening, on Spain’s Mediterranean island of Mallorca, of the Castell Son Claret, a 38-room luxury hotel that retains […] Read more »