A Wedding Dress for Every Obsession

Modern poet sleeves are just the ticket for a bride who want a bit of romantic flair. Dress by Christos Costarellos.

Is it possible to successfully work references to both Mr. Robot and Pilates into an article about bridal gowns? I’ll let you be the judge. In my latest post for observer.com I looked at the spring 2017 bridal collections in terms of individual obsessions. Truth is there really is a wedding dress for every kind of […] Read more »

Portland’s Most Glamorous Wedding Limo

Brides arrive by vintage Rolls-Royce at Portland's glamour-obsessed Hotel deLuxe

Marrying in Portland, Oregon, calls to mind craft-beer toasts and food-truck receptions, and perhaps the bridal couple strolling down the aisle in matching flannels. But there’s also a very glamorous side to weddings in this epicenter of hip. Consider Hotel deLuxe. Film buffs love the boutique retreat for its screening events,  corridors lined with movie stills and […] Read more »

Eurobrides vs. US Brides: Wedding Dress Trends on observer.com

French wedding gowns from Delphine Manivet

European and American women have some pretty profound style differences. It’s often said that Europeans make investments when they shop for their wardrobes, while Americans look for what’s most current. But does that extend to what a woman wears when she chooses a wedding dress? The recent European bridal fashion shows revealed some intriguing trends. […] Read more »

Bridal Fashion Week: Notes from the Trenches

Fashion Week

This week, fashion editor Rachel Leonard and I continued our collaboration for the New York Observer, reporting on the big trends in the world of wedding dresses seen during bridal fashion week. Key findings: The time for topless bridal gowns has not quite come, regardless of how daring you might feel en route to the altar (sorry, […] Read more »

10 hot wedding trends from Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie standing in front of stacked champagne glasses

What are some of the hottest weddings trends for 2015? To find out, we spent a few days at the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, host of the St. Croix Bridal Symposium, whose slate of speakers was headlined by celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie. He offered a host of  food and […] Read more »

Beyond the wedding cake: dessert trends from the International Culinary Center

Tuscan cream cake

  Wedding dresses may still be white (mostly) and the father-daughter dance is still a 2-handkerchief moment, but wedding cakes have come a long, long way since of days of cardboard-like towers topped with a plastic bride and groom. We asked Emily Luchetti, dean of pastry arts at the International Culinary Center’s California campus, to […] Read more »