CLIMATE — Phoenix/Scottsdale

cactus sunset


With more than 330 days of sunshine each year, Phoenix/Scottsdale is a near-perfect location for destination wedding couples who fear rain. November through April are considered the best months for planning any outside event, although from December to March rain does occasionally roll in from the West Coast. The average for any of those three months is less than an inch, but that’s enough for Arizonians to label it a rainy season. April, May, and June are just about guaranteed precipitation free, but after that, as temps build, up into three digits, afternoon thunderstorms can occur pretty much through October. November through March, daytime highs average 65-75. Mid summer you don’t even want to know what the temps are, but do keep in mind that prices drop accordingly – and there are all those swimming pools.


Here is the National Weather Service’s report on current conditions in Phoenix/Scottsdale:







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