Curtain Bluff, Antigua, at sunset

Antigua’s Curtain Bluff at sunset

The basics

Perhaps the most exclusive all-inclusive resort in the entire Caribbean, Curtain Bluff’s clientele return season after season, happy to find their regular waiter at dinner, their regular bartender blending the pina coladas, and their regular snorkel instructor down on the beach. With a superb sports program, classic wicker-and-white-stucco looks, and exceptional views (there’s no such thing as a bad room), this is really the best that money can buy.

Wedding details

The resort’s resident manager will be your go-to wedding contact, and she supervises everything personally. You can stage your ceremony on the patio of the Bluff House, or if you prefer a sand-in-your-toes experience, have everyone rally on Bay Beach (tranquil waters mean people will actually be able to hear your vows). Large receptions take over the Sea Grape restaurant; if you’ve got a smaller crowd, we like the Tamarind Tree terrace. And for the rehearsal dinner, think about a poolside buffet or even supper at the owner’s house.

Getting there

There are daily non-stop flights from the U.S., and you’ll be met at the airport for the half-hour taxi ride to the resort. If you’re planning to take the gang on an excursion (and it would be a shame to visit and not experience the saloons and shops of old-timey Nelson’s Dockyard), ask the resort about organizing a van.

Keep in mind

Curtain Bluff is thoroughly family-friendly, so definitely invite the kids.

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