Lowell Penthouse balcony

In New York, The Lowell’s penthouse, with four balconies and its own elevator landing, might be the city’s most romantic proposal spot.

Even before social media, love-struck hopefuls across the country had turned marriage proposals into a competitive sport. It wasn’t enough to purchase an engagement ring and get down on one knee; men (and some women) were pulling out the stops to make their offer of marriage an exercise in creativity that not even the wedding itself could top. People hired marching bands, sky-writers, and flash mobs to show off their creativity and swagger.

Then came Instagram, and the stakes got even higher, as couples posted photos of the happy moment: diamond sparkling as the flash mob danced and a sky writer spelled out “Marry Me” in cursive. 

Frankly, it became a little ridiculous.

For our money, the most beautiful proposals are a bit simpler. Ring, champagne, maybe a bended knee. But we have nothing against staging a simple proposal in an extraordinary setting. To that end, we recently wrote an article for Observer that detailed five over-the-top hotel suites and villas where marriage proposals are guaranteed a positive reception. Not that you’d ever accept a marriage proposal just because someone had spent a month’s salary (or more) on the perfect location. But in our opinion, it does show an admirable set of priorities.

The shortlist:
Calabash Villa, Jumby Bay, Antigua; Windsor Suite, Ritz Paris; Triple Creek Ranch, Montana; Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru, The Maldives; Penthouse Suite, The Lowell, NYC. 


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