stamped heart boxThe idea of DIY wedding projects is so appealing—you put your personal stamp on the day and save money at the same time. But few of us have the talent, time, or energy to devote to the folding 100 origami cranes or letterpressing our own invitations. So we were thrilled when Alison Caporimo, author of InstaCraft: Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More, got in touch with us last week. Her book is being published by  Ulysses Press this fall—you’ll be able to find it in Urban Outfitters across the country come November—and in Alison’s own words, “it features fun and fresh (and really easy) accessory and décor projects that make the most out of everyday materials like nail polish, bobby pins, clothespins and more.”

There are truly dozens of projects that lend themselves to destination weddings, but here are three that are particularly appropriate. (All photos by Meera Lee Patel.)

Chocolate Jewelry Box 

Alison says, “After scarfing down a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, I decided to get creative with Russell Stover. Here’s how to turn a chocolate box into a heart that holds rings and just about anything else you need it to.” 1. Remove lid from heart box and place top side up beside box on newspaper. 2 Apply spray paint to the box’s lid and sides. 3.  Once dry, dip pencil eraser into pink paint and press polka dots onto box lid. 4. Let dry

Destination: W tip: This is a sweet way to “wrap” a bridesmaid’s present; packaging this adorable makes even a simple bauble look special.

Stocking Flowerpot Cover from InstaCraftStocking Flowerpot

Alison says: “Instead of tossing torn or ripped tights, try this two-second technique to give small pots some texture.” 1. Cut the foot put some extra off a pair of tights. 2. Pull the foot onto flowerpot.

Destination: W tip: You can find simple terra cotta pots at garden centers almost everywhere, so bring your tights but shop for the pots once you get to your destination. Be sure to tuck the cut edges over the rim and into the soil.

Clothesline Display from InstaCraft

Inspiration Clothesline

Alison says, “Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I used to love looking out my bedroom window during the summer months at colorful T-shirts and underwear hung up to dry and zig-zagging down the block like the world’s longest banner. There’s always been a place in my heart for clotheslines, especially when they can make you smile and keep you feeling creative.” 1. Insert screw eyes into the wall about a foot or so apart from one another. Cut your desired length of twine (I keep mine around 2 yards for a larger wall). 3. Use twine to tie a knot to the first screw eye. 4. Thread twine through remaining hooks. 5. Use twine to tie a knot to the last hook. 6.  Use clothespins to hang magazine tear-outs, memorable birthdays cards, and just about anything else.

Destination: W tip: This would be a delightful way to personalize any wedding space with photos of you two and your guests; even better, string it between a pair of palm trees!

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