French wedding gowns from Delphine Manivet

Can you guess the nationality of these brides based on their dresses? Hint: see-through bodices might not get a thumbs-up in every country. (Photo: Dan Lecca)

European and American women have some pretty profound style differences. It’s often said that Europeans make investments when they shop for their wardrobes, while Americans look for what’s most current. But does that extend to what a woman wears when she chooses a wedding dress?

The recent European bridal fashion shows revealed some intriguing trends. Turns out that upscale French brides cultivate an “I just threw on the first thing I found in my closet” nonchalance—even on their wedding day—while the most sophisticated Greek brides are embracing a more artisinal approach to fashion. Take a look at the roundup of European wedding dresses that my fashion reporting partner, Rachel Leonard, and I just did for A lot of these gowns would be beautiful at a destination wedding, regardless of where you’re heading.

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