The euro is down, and weddings at Ashford Castle just got more affordable

The euro is down, and weddings at Ireland’s Ashford Castle just got more affordable

Couples who’ve dreamed of marrying in Tuscan villa, a Provencal vineyard, or a Greek village have reason to rejoice.

The euro recently fell to below $1.20 against the U.S. dollar—its lowest in over nine years. And experts predict that the euro’s value will continue to dip for many months to come.

That means U.S. couples paying for a European wedding just saved a nice wad of cash. As recently as April 2014, the euro was worth $1.38 in U.S. dollars; that difference of 18 cents might not sound like a lot, but consider this.

A 3-star hotel room that cost $414 last April will now run you $360. A lunch for 10 in a seaside tavern that would have set you back $1,380 last spring will now clock in at $1,200.

And if your wedding is on the truly grand scale, you’re going to save some serious money. Let’s say you’re looking at Ireland’s Ashford Castle, a medieval landmark with 82 luxe guest accommodations, crystal-chandelier lit rooms, and wide of views of Lough Corrib. A full buy-out gives you the run of the estate and includes a night’s accommodations for up to 160 guests as well as a lavish reception for the gang: cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, a four-course seated dinner with wine, and a midnight buffet. The price starts at 54,000 euros in low season. Last year, American couples would have found that translated to $74,520. With current conversion rates, the total is trimmed down to a tidy $64,800.

And there’s further good news: Bankers predict that the euro will only continue to weaken over the next year, perhaps—drumroll, please—getting close to par with the dollar.

We’re not suggesting that you put aside wedding planning until the euro hits rock bottom, but if you were on the fence about marrying across the pond, this may be your signal to go for it.

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