L'Auberge Del Mar terrace

L’Auberge Del Mar Pacific Terrace

You’ve got your basic vendors and details worked out. Now it’s time to have fun with additions that will push your destination wedding over the top.

Allison Patt, Director of Romance at L’Auberge Del Mar, a popular destination wedding hotel on the ocean in Del Mar, California, just north of San Diego, says she encourages couples to do it by engaging all their guests’ senses. Here are a few suggestions she shared with us:

Smell:  “Late-night snacks have been a big trend over the past few years, but take it a step further and choose a treat that your guests can smell even before they see it. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of mine… they fill the room with a delicious, warm, and comforting aroma that guests will remember.”

Sight: “Lighting is one of the last things most couples think about, but it can actually make one of the largest impacts. Take some time to creatively think about how you want to establish the visual atmosphere of your wedding. At L’Auberge I’m partial to string lighting over the dinner terrace or paper lanterns hanging above the dance floor.”

Taste: “One of my favorite fun additions to any reception is a “his” and “hers” signature drink. I usually have my couple meet with our mixologist to creatively develop a cocktail that is uniquely theirs. Guests can then choose whether to order the bride or groom’s drink at cocktail hour. Competition over whose drink was most popular can be fierce!”

Sound:  “A great way to set your wedding apart is to consider some non-traditional musicians for your ceremony or reception. Walk down the aisle to the sounds of a gospel choir or a ukulele or have your guests guided to the reception by strolling musicians. Sound, much like lighting and food, really sets the overall tone of the wedding, so spend some time finding the kind of music that reflects you and your fiancée.”

Touch: “Consider your guests’ comfort when planning your big day and you’ll always impress. I encourage couples to provide light pashminas and funky sunglasses for beach-side cocktails or flip-flops for a dance reception under the stars. Another favorite is handing out lollipops to your younger guests, keeping them entertained (and quiet!) during your ceremony. It all sends the messages to guests  that it’s okay to get comfortable and celebrate.”

L'Auberge Del Mar Sunset Terrace

L’Auberge Del Mar Sunset Terrace

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