Pools at Jakes, Treasure Beach, Jamaica

Jakes is all about color and design

The basics

The crowd one finds at Jakes, on Jamaica’s isolated South Coast, often gives the impression of having intended to head for Santa Fe or Taos, but at the last moment said, “What the heck, let’s go somewhere we can take our off shoes and dance calypso.” The black sand beach is appreciated most by kids with buckets. Everything not on property is usually some distance away. The 30 helter-skelter cottages, in every color imaginable, are a fine example of why artists make such interesting house painters. But if your dream destination wedding venue is tucked away art colony cool you will love it.

Wedding details

There’s no standard way of doing things at Jakes, so talk to the on-site wedding coordinator, and they’ll try their best to make your vision happen. They say they can handle weddings of up to 150 people, but we think half that would be about the maximum before the feeling of sharing your secret with the privileged few would begin to fade. That black sand makes Jakes not ideal for a beach wedding. But as the South Coast is the dry side of the island, you don’t have to worry as much about tropical downpours.

Getting There

Depending on how you look at it, Jakes isolated location is a drawback or a plus. Plan on at least two hours by taxi from the airport at Montego Bay to Treasure Beach, and plan on paying $120 one way for two people.

Keep in Mind

Once you arrive, don’t concern yourself about distances, as Jakes has good dining options, from Jamaican to seafood to pizza, an open-air spa, and enough activities, from daily yoga to painting classes, that your guests won’t feel the need to go anywhere else.

Jakes colorful bedroom

Yes, those are old bottles worked into the headboard design.

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