Outdoor-dining at La Posada

The Basics

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa is a bit more family friendly than some of its neighbors, and has what may be the largest collection of hotel art (a perfectly honorable term in these parts) in Santa Fe, something like 600 pieces, many by local artists, and all for sale. But what we like most about this 157-room in-town resort (most of them casita style and 30 of them suites) is its character, which is a bit different than anything else you’ll find in Santa Fe. And the difference might not at first be apparent.

On the outside, La Posada has the same Southwestern look you see everywhere. But the main building is only a façade, hiding an adobed-over Victorian home whose style lives on in some of the rooms.  The home’s original mistress, Julia Staab, who died on the premises in 1896, is believed by some to have remained, as a kind of Julia the Friendly Ghost.

La Posada Library

La Posada library

Wedding Details

Despite being right in town, La Posada’s six grassy acres give it a sense of serenity readily appreciated by wedding parties. That’s no doubt why the Gazebo Court Garden, which is an ideal venue for when you want to celebrate under the stars, is such a popular venue.  When the weather gets a bit nippier, though, the Montana Ballroom, with its grand fireplace, comes into its own.

La Posada grounds

La Posada grounds

Keep in Mind

The restaurant, Fuego, serves international and New Mexican cuisine, because who would not want to try a green chile renello cheeseburger?  And the spa uses locally inspired therapies and indigenous products—perhaps the only place in the world you’ll find a ground blue corn exfoliation treatment.

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