Marriage Requirements for St. Martin


As an overseas collectivity of France St. Martin is subject to the same marriage laws as mainland France. An important exception, though, is that most foreign couples may marry on St. Martin without one of them having to live on the island for at least a month prior to the ceremony, which used to be the law.

Official information about getting married in St. Martin can be found at the website of the French Government Tourist Office

Because St. Martin is part of France, officials will feel an obligation to drag out the bureaucratic process for as long as possible, as they acknowledge by suggesting that you start the paperwork at least six month in advance.

Civil ceremonies must be held at the Collectivité of St Martin Salles des  marriages, the only place legally recognized weddings in St. Martin can be performed.

The wedding banns, a public announcement of the wedding, must be published in the local paper for a period of ten days before the ceremony can take place.

Among the necessary documents is a copy of your birth certificate, issued within the previous three months, affixed with an apostille stamp, and accompanied by a French translation.

Another necessary document is a Certificat de coutume, which says you are legally free to marry and that the marriage will be recognized in your home country. This may have to be drawn up by an attorney licensed to practice in France and our home country.



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