Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden with his bride, Sarah, at the Fontainebleau (photo courtesey Alain Martinez)

Joe Haden and Sarah Mahmoodshahi at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach (photo, Alain Martinez)

What does a sweetheart table look like for an NFL cornerback? (Joe Haden wedding photo courtesy Alain Martinez)

What does a sweetheart table look like for an NFL cornerback? (photo, Alain Martinez)

When you play for the NFL, you can pretty much have any kind of wedding you like. Which is exactly what Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden and his long-time girlfriend, Sarah Mahmoodshahi, got when they married at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach this summer. We asked the resort’s wedding planners for some inside info on the over-the-top details.

Stationery:  The invitations were printed on mirrors, embellished with satin ribbons and rhinestones. Guests received replicas of Joe’s player’s card, which not only guided them to their assigned tables at the reception, but were also used as identification (no gate crashers at this shindig).

Ceremony: The couple had two ceremonies—one Christian, one Persian (Sarah’s family comes from Iran). Golden gates with their monogram were flanked by rose-colored pillars, and a  12-piece orchestra provided the music.

Food and drink: Cocktail tables were decorated with feather boas, martinis came in a cotton-candy flavor, and the traditional Persian Sofreh Aghg, or wedding spread, received an extreme makeover. Three different menus were created, and for the dessert display, gold cabinets with mirrored insets were lavished with pastries and candy. The cake—12-feet high—was covered with over 5,000 roses.

Decor: A 19,000-square foot white carpet covered the reception floor, white and blush flowers with gold accents filled the vases, towering candelabrum  topped the tables, hand-sewn pillows bore rhinestone words in Farsi and English, and a Chanel-inspired wall panel backdropped the band.

Dress: Sarah wore an off-white, mermaid-style gown by Israeli designer Inbal Dror, a curve-caressing number that didn’t leave too much to the imagination. Underneath, the bride’s garter was tricked out with a tiny football helmet. But it was Joe’s gold-studded Christian Louboutin loafers—reportedly a size too small, but the only pair available in the U.S.—that stole the show.
Customized garter--perfect for marrying an NFL star (photo courtesy Alain Martinez)

Customized garter–perfect for marrying an NFL star (photo, Alain Martinez)

Joe Haden wedding reception (photo courtesy Alain Martinez)

Joe Haden wedding reception (photo, Alain Martinez

If you want to follow in Joe and Sarah’s footsteps, the Fontainebleau’s ultra-glam design  (crystal chandeliers, sweeping curves, floating ceilings, gold walls, marble floors, floodlit pools, ocean-view terraces) lends itself to flamboyant, over-size celebrations. There’s a wedding program called Something Bleau, which does a superlative job at organizing every last jaw-dropping detail. We can’t think of a better setting for your (or his) gold Louboutins.


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