Cliffside dining at Rock House, in Negril

Cliffside dining at Rockhouse, in Negril


The basics

Sitting atop the sea cliffs just outside of Negril at the western end of Jamaica, Rockhouse, with its nearly always perfect sunsets, will rev up the romance at any wedding. It’s not a fancy place, but its reputation for views, service, food, and reasonable rates, is outstanding. The absence of a beach is made up for with a 60-foot long horizon pool and steps cut into the cliff-side that allow swimmers and snorkelers to launch themselves into a usually calm, usually crystal-clear, sea. Eighteen of the 34 thatch-roof, timber and stone-built villa-style rooms, all air-conditioned, are on the cliff’s edge, as are the three restaurants, which do everything from cheeseburgers to beer-battered red snapper to Rastafarian-style vegetarian dishes. You’ll know you are on the path to the spa when you see the signs that say “Keep the vibes calm.”

Wedding details

Inise, the in-house wedding planner, has overseen more than 100 weddings in her ten years at Rockhouse, so there are not many details she can’t work out. Wanting to make sure she gets everything right, she schedules no more than one wedding a week, and about 20 a year. With only 34 rooms, it’s the kind of place you’ll want to book entirely, although they will arrange smaller weddings. Because of the mellow mood and cliff-side location, don’t bring the kids under 12.

There’s no dedicated ceremony site, but many favorites line the cliff edge. The lower restaurant deck, which is suspended over the water, is another popular spot. For receptions, they’ll set aside part of one of the restaurants for you, or, if your party is big enough, close down the whole place for your use.

Getting there

The closest major airport is at Montego Bay, about two hours away. The taxi ride is around $80 per person. Once you arrive in Negril, Rockhouse is 2.5 miles further along, on West End Road.

Keep in mind

If you feel it’s important to give back to the people and places that helped make your wedding dreams possible, it’s good to know that the Rockhouse Foundation has invested more than $2 million in public schools and a community library in the Negril area.

A bridge over the Caribbean at Rockhouse

A bridge over a Caribbean cove at Rockhouse




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