British Virgin Islands, SCRUB Island,wide OVERVIEW pools to marina & seaThe basics

The BVIs are home to several of the world’s most popular private-island resorts, and Scrub Island is poised to vault to the top of the list. With beaches and pools, an impressive marina, and several restaurants, you’ve got all the posh resort necessities. What makes it superb for a wedding are the seven villas, ideal for small groups.

Wedding details

Book one of the villas and you can pretty much use it as base camp for your group; you can stock up on groceries in the surprisingly well-priced market and invite everyone for cocktails on the pool deck. There’s a wedding specialist on staff who’ll help coordinate meals and group activities, arrange the ceremony itself, and get you to and from the main island of Tortola, if you want to make the wedding legal (easier here than in much of the Caribbean).

Keep in mind

Getting to Scrub Island will take the majority of your guests the better part of a day. Most will fly to San Juan (Puerto Rico) and then catch a small plane to Tortola. From there a Scrub Island rep will drive them to a dock and wait for a private ferry that takes them to the Scrub marina. It’s not exactly a dream destination for a weekend celebration; before going forward, see if the people most important to you are willing to spend at least three or four nights.

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