We can probably all agree that Champagne—the good French stuff, of course—is the ultimate wedding drink. The pop of the cork, the delicate fountain of bubbles, and the taste of liquid stars pretty much screams “wedding.”

And so what could be a more fitting choice of wedding accessories than pieces created as a high-fashion homage to this exceptional quaff? We’ve always admired the rich golden hue of the label on Veuve Clicquot Champagne. (Which just happens to be our favorite bubbly—not too dry, not too sweet, just perfect.) Charlotte Olympia  must have a soft spot for the stuff herself, as her capsule collection was inspired by  Veuve Clicquot’s signature hues. Each head-turning piece is reminiscent of a chilled flute of the French house’s bubbly, and just as festive and special.

The golden tones are the perfect complement to a white gown and they shimmer just as fabulously under the sun or by candlelight. Think about these stunning stilettos on a penthouse terrace in Rome. Or the clutch accenting your dress at a superchic gathering on St. Barts. Or these darling slingbacks on a patio in Baja Mexico, sparkling in the moonlight.

Admittedly, these pieces don’t come cheap. But they’re cool enough and special enough to toast the night for many years to come.  –-Sarah Leingang 

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