Boulders Resort pond and bolder pile

The Boulders famous boulder pile.

The Basics

A question nobody asks at The Boulders, is “Where’d the name come from?”  And although the name is now appended with “A Waldorf Astoria Resort,” a natural focal point of this 65-casita resort north of Scottsdale is the giant bolder pile that is a Sonoran Desert landmark. When you see the light reflecting off those age-old rocks you’ll want them in as many of your wedding photos as possible, and understand why this is one of Phoenix/Scottsdale’s outstanding destination wedding resorts.

Wedding Details

The Boulders’ wedding staff identify some ten ceremony and reception venue, indoors and out, around the expansive property. Its name alone makes Promise Rock a favorite, as does the fact that giant saguaro cactus and, most likely, rabbits and quail will be in attendance. Other locations range from an intimate organic garden to the canopied inner courtyard at El Pedregal, an area of exclusive shops and eating establishments adjacent to the resort.

Keep in Mind

If you are golfers, an extra incentive may be that The Boulders two courses are among the best in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, if not the nation. The Waldorf Astoria Spa offers everything from an avocado citrus scrub to astrological soul reading.

Promise rock wedding site the Boulders

Promise Rock is a favorite ceremony site at the Boulders

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