Sandals, the Caribbean's most celebrated all-inclusive brand, is about to begin weddings on Barbados

Sandals, the Caribbean’s most celebrated all-inclusive brand, is about to begin weddings on Barbados

Sandals, the all-inclusive resort group almost synonymous with weddings in the Caribbean, has just announced plans for its first foray onto Barbados.

According to Sandals Resorts Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart the company will be opening not one but two properties on the island. The first, Sandals Barbados, will start welcoming guests November 6. A date has not been set for the second, which will be a Beaches, Sandals’ more family-oriented sister brand.

The Barbados Sandals comes as a surprise to us, because it is on the site of the former Casuarina Beach Resort, which another all-inclusive resort group, Couples, had taken over just a few months ago.

No doubt the financial wheeling-dealing makes sense to somebody – Stewart would be our guess – but the important thing for brides and grooms is that they now have another destination wedding possibility in the Caribbean – a 280-room beachfront property overseen by a group that knows how to put together a wedding as well as anyone in the islands.

The Barbados Sandals, located on a pretty stretch of beach on the south coast, will not close, but is expected to be “Sandalized,” or brought up to Sandals standards, almost right away. The Beaches property, near the northwest end of the island, is more weatherworn, and will require serious renovations before it is back in commission.

If you don’t known much about Barbados, it’s an island worth looking into. As the easternmost isle in the Caribbean, waves roll in all the way from Africa. Its roots are about as British as can be, while still having a tropical setting. Except that nobody in Britain ever thought to make flying fish the national dish, as the Bajans have. Which you will benefit from when you get to tell the folks back home what you served as an appetizer at your reception.


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