The Boulders golf course

The Boulders Photo

They call it the Valley of the Sun, and truth is the weather in Phoenix and Scottsdale is extraordinary—brilliant skies, 10% humidity (every day is a great hair day—trust us!), and reliable warmth. (Just avoid the broiling summers. Although if you can deal with 110F daytime temps, you’ll get some stunning  hotel bargains. Luxury digs for $100 a night? Oh yeah.)

But we digress. Simply put, it’s the kind of place that would make your guests do backflips, should they be invited to a wedding there.

So today on Destination: W, we reveal the Ultimate Guide to Phoenix/Scottsdale Destination Weddings, with details on the best resorts for ceremonies and receptions, a slew of great photographers, fun ideas for pre-wedding gatherings, even the best cake artists in the Valley. You’ll find some great out-of-town excursions, spa specifics, and poolside party spots that your friends won’t want to leave.

All this, and the starriest nights on the continent. Mexican food that rivals the best of Guadalajara. Sunsets that look as though they leapt off a painter’s palette. We suggest you blend up a couple of margaritas and start planning.