Sarah Loertscher White Collection  Photos: Don Ashby

Powder-coated brass tubing headpieces from the Sarah Loertscher White Collection
Photos: Don Ashby

Fresh, interesting wedding headpieces are very hard to come by in the world of wedding accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good crystal comb or a sparkly headband as much as the next girl. But sometimes a bride’s style calls for an hair accent that really strays from the norm. (This is generally the same kind of bride who, instead of planning a hometown wedding, whispers “Barcelona” to her fiance and bundles her crew off to Spain.)

When superstar dress designer Angel Sanchez asked jewelry designer Sarah Loertscher to come up with some unique headpieces for the runway show featuring his 2014 line, he had only two requests—make them white (not white metal, but truly white)—and make them large. What Loertscher created was a collection of ubermodern, geometric, and totally stunning headpieces. Made from brass tubing (she wiped out the stock of five local hardware stores) that has been powder-coated and then hand-stitched together, these pieces are definitely a labor of love. Some feature pearls, Loertscher’s subtle (or would that be subversive?) nod to a traditional bridal look.

Pieces in The White Collection (starting at $360) are surprisingly easy to wear, and look especially lovely paired with soft, flowy dresses. The juxtaposition of the linear, ultra-modern hair accessories with sweet, breezy dresses is unexpected and really special. Beach, city, or even a castle in Spain…these pieces will be sure to make a statement.  –Sarah Leingang 

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