A Beach Plum Inn wedding makes the most of Martha's Vineyard sunsets.

Choosing the right destination wedding resort is key to happy guests. Here, the Beach Plum Inn makes the most of Martha’s Vineyard sunsets. 

When you’re inviting people to dig into their savings and possibly upend their vacation plans in order to attend your destination wedding, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a few pockets of resistance. The remedy is to choose a destination that fulfills all the holiday fantasies—remarkable scenery, comfy accommodations, and food worth writing home about.

My latest story for observer.com identifies six iconic American resorts that fit that bill, and then some: Martha’s Vineyard, Kiawah Island, Islamorada, Sun Valley, Santa Fe, and Laguna Beach. Each resort comes with my pick of an ultimate wedding venue, along with an unforgettable gown chosen by fashion expert Rachel Leonard. Whether you’re into Atlantic breezes or southwestern sunsets, we’ve got the recipe for a wedding they’ll be talking about for years.