Travel guru Wendy Perrin at the pyramids

Conde Nast Traveler’s consumer news director Wendy Perrin, one of the wonders of the travel world

Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Consumer News Director Wendy Perrin is widely known as one of the world’s leading travel authorities. “The Perrin Report,” which appears in the magazine, and the “Perrin Post,” which appears online, have huge audiences who look to her for all the latest on travel subjects ranging from airfare and hotel bargains to the industry’s top travel agents.

So where does Wendy go when she needs the advice of a destination wedding expert? To Destination: W, of course! Recently, a reader who between she and her fiancé had seven kids, wanted to “elope” somewhere in the world where they could marry in a ceremony involving just the two of them.

The reader turned to Wendy, and Wendy turned to our founder and editor-in-chief Sally Kilbridge. You can read Sally’s advice on the Perrin Post. But basically she said don’t add another level of “hectic” to your lives by making things overly complicated.

To lower the stress level for your own wedding, follow our blog and read our online magazine for the kind of destination wedding advice even travel experts like Wendy Perrin come to us for. And check out our collection of fave Caribbean destination wedding hotels. (California, Mexico, Florida, Hawaii and other popular destinations coming soon.)

After you’ve looked at our advice, and found a destination wedding hotel or two that interests you, click on the link to our travel partners, the Virtuoso travel agency Coastline Travel Advisors. If there’s something we don’t know about wedding travel planning, they will. — Bob Payne



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